Internet Top Amenity Among Travelers According to Survey Forget soaking in a hot bath or unwinding under the glow of a mini bar. Today’s travelers would prefer to de-stress by connecting with family via internet service that is not crappy, intermittent, or fee-based while staying in a hotel or resort, according to a recent survey by InterContinental Hotels Group.

A lack of complimentary internet service has taken the top spot as the biggest frustration for U.S. business travelers. And it’s not about travelers eager to finish up a work project. Of the 1,000 business travelers who were polled, an estimated 48% feel stressed out when they can’t connect with family via internet while on the road.

However, it’s important to note that transportation and noise levels are still a concern but have now taken a back seat to being able to whip out that laptop and see an image or hear the pitter patter of little feet during a Facetime chat with your kids or Skyping with your spouse.

Here is a breakdown of the rest of the findings from this poll:

-The first thing that travelers do when they enter the confines of their hotel room is to use the internet service when compared to unpacking (at 20%), taking a shower (at just 10%), and channel surfing (6%).

-Having a mini bar or fridge ranked a mere 1% on the survey’s list and having a soak in a tub was also a pretty low priority at 3% for amenity-seeking travelers.

-Landlines are for the dinosaurs when it comes to connecting with family. Sorry, “Ma Bell”, 55% of travelers want to use the internet to connect over using a traditional telephone.

-A whopping 83% of U.S. business travelers are happiest when they have free internet access, and 68% get downright grumpy without it.

As a parent who has traveled without my kids, I have noticed that many hotels and resorts do offer free internet service, but it seems to be at the cost of speed and the arduous task of logging in to get it. And as a writer who often offers travel tips to navigating theme parks, I’ve got a tip for hotels and resorts this time: this survey sends a clear signal that high-speed internet service should not only be the norm for travelers, but the standard.

What you do think? Is this survey accurate?

The survey was conducted by OnePool and released by InterContinental Hotels Group (ICG) to coincide with the release of it’s IHG Rewards Club, which will reportedly include free internet for those who join.