After checking into your home away from home and landing a room with a parking lot view and receiving little help from the hotel staff, it is time for you to get smart and figure out the key to tipping. You’ll be surprised what a couple of bills will do to enhance your stay – it may even land you an ocean view!

We have learned from experience when checking into a hotel where we will be staying for awhile, to make sure to have a wad of cash on hand to handsomely tip the hotel staff into providing the room and service we desire.  This makes traveling with children oh so much easier.

Tipping generously on your vacation can pay off

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Who to Tip on Vacation

The first bill goes to the bellman who we ensure knows our name.  This guarantees our baggage needs are taken care of swiftly and provides quick access to a taxi when needed.

Do you tip on vacation?

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The next bill is used at hotel check-in.  When you ask for a room with a view and s/he responds there are none available, the bill(s) come out along with a request to “check again” and then miraculously you will most likely find something has opened up.  Another bill should be reserved for the concierge if you plan to utilize their services.

The final bill is reserved for the maid service and should be given on the second day of the trip (the first time they are cleaning.)  Tipping well early in the trip encourages a level of service to be maintained throughout your entire stay.

Why you Should Tip on Vacation

There are some reasons why you should tip on your vacation

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This additional service makes your trip easier and the room with a view will be well used after you have eaten dinner in the 5:30 pm reservation slot in order to make it back to the hotel in time for your little tykes bedtime. With the kid(s) down and the night young, you will want to spend some quality vacation time with your partner without waking up the kids.  The best way we have found to do this is to handsomely tip the hotel staff with the shaded curtain pulled so the kid(s) don’t see the light from the outside or hear the grown ups talking.

Now with your fully bellies, room clean and children asleep, you and yours can enjoy a nice bottle of wine on the balcony overlooking a gorgeous, exotic view.

Do you have any other suggestions for how to tip on vacation? Please leave you suggestions in the comments!