packinglistDoes packing for a family trip make you ferklempt (Yiddish for “All worked up, on the verge of a breakdown.”) Do you start the process days before your trip so you make sure you have everything days in advance? Or are you a procrastinator and wait until the last minute, guaranteeing that you’ll forget important items?

Packing for a family trip can be really tough. You don’t want to overpack or you’ll have too much to carry and will be spending half your trip packing and re-packing and you won’t be able to find anything. Plus, if you’re going somewhere special, you’ll want to buy some things and won’t want to worry about packing space.

But then again, you don’t want to forget anything. Imagine being in a foreign country, or even in Disney World, and not having everything you need. With all the items you have to pack for a family trip, it’s important to plan in advance, but it helps not to stress over what should not very complicated in the first place.


That’s why you’ll be happy to hear about The Family Travel Packing List Cards made by Tawanna Browne Smith of According to Tawanna “traveling solo is a piece of cake. However, traveling with a spouse and young children can be a taste of insanity!” But she quickly learned that it didn’t have to be. With patience, practice, and resources, Tawanna figured out how to make family travel stress-reduced and convenient. With her creation of the Packing List, her goal is to simplify traveling for moms and dads.

Priced at $9.95, the package includes four eco-friendly, pre-formatted packing cards that helpfully outline what a traveling family might need for a trip. The double-sided set contains an Infant packing list, a Child’s packing list, Mom’s packing list, and Dad’s packing list – all catered to the specific needs of each individual. There’s also a place to add notes for those unique items that the traveling family may need. The Child’s packing list card is designed with the special needs child and pre-reader in mind. The accompanying picture legend helps to foster independence and include the child in the trip preparation process.

Moms tend to put so much thought into what their children might need that they neglect their own needs. The Mom’s packing list was designed with her in mind, to keep her organized so that nothing is left behind. Don’t you always forget something for yourself? Those special heels to wear with your dress, contact solution, extra chargers? Tawanna suggests that you place each card in your suitcase. Dads don’t want to leave shaving cream, baseball hats or razors behind, so the cards will help keep everything top of mind.

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