greatwolflodgeLast year, I had the opportunity to stay in two Great Wolf Lodge resorts – once on a press trip, and once on a family vacation.  While I found the both of the lodges I stayed in to be fabulous and completely kid-friendly, the costs can definitely add up.  If you are thinking of staying at one of the Great Wolf Lodge locations in the US or Canada, there are a few ways that you can save money on your trip.  Here are a few tips:

Get Deals on Great Wolf Lodge Stays

You can find great deals on a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge by signing up for their mailing list and checking out their deals page. You are more likely to get a great deal by traveling during slower weeks and staying for multiple days.

Purchase a Pup or Paw Pass


Your kids are going to want to do all of the fun things at the lodge, like playing in the arcade and making a stuffed animal.  With the Pup and Paw passes, you pay up front for a package that includes some of the most popular things, at a great savings. 

Bring Your Own Snacks and Food

The rooms all include a mini fridge and microwave, so while you can’t cook meals in your room, you can prepare snacks.  Bringing your own beverages and snacks is a great way to save money.  We also brought our own breakfast foods, so we didn’t have to buy breakfast there.  Depending on which lodge you are staying in, you may also consider eating meals out of the lodge.

By following a few of these tips you can definitely enjoy a fabulous family vacation without breaking the bank.