Summer Vacation

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

Right around Memorial Day, families start to think about and plan their summer vacation. For some it’s easy. They go to the same destination every year. For others, it’s an adventure – where should we go, how to get there and what to do while we’re there?

Plan your Summer Vacation Destination

  • Decide on a budget – this will help narrow down your picks
  • What does your family like to do – consider the times your family still talks about, the photos of everyone smiling, what the kids tell you they wish they could do
  • Listen to family and friends – what were the places they raved about?
  • Research – read travel blog reviews, check travel sites and visit Convention and Visitor websites

Plan your Summer Vacation Mode of Transportation

  • The cost – use a travel cost calculator
  • Consider all family members – if your daughter gets car sick, driving may not be feasible, or if you have a fear of flying, that may be out of the question
  • The shortest route – use online sites such as MapQuest to find the best travel route, use your GPS or apps

Plan your Summer Vacation Activities

  • Search – Look over the hotel, city and CVB websites to find fun things to do
  • Create a list – double the number of vacation days to find the number of activities (be sure to include indoor events in case of rain)
  • Vote – ask each family member to vote on their favorites
  • Decide – parents then choose one activity per vacation day based on budget and votes (explain that some choices may not happen)
  • Must Do List – Another option is to go with the “must do” activities that your family has been dreaming about
  • Even if you are not traveling away from home, create your own staycation by visiting attractions close to home

How do you plan your family summer vacation?