Remember the good old days, when you could throw a clean tee, toothbrush, and spare pair of undies into your purse and jet off for a spontaneous gettaway? With kiddos in tow, it may seem that those carefree days are now far behind.  Packing for a family full of little ones can sometimes feel daunting – the playpens, the toys, the diapers, oh my!


For me, traveling with 3 little ones used to involve way too much time checking lists and gathering up vacation necessities, only to turn the car around 2 blocks down the road and go back for the one “can’t live without” item we somehow left behind!  The stress of making sure we have everything took some of the joy out of the journey.  Now?  I breathe easy.  Packing is smooth, our bags are light and our adventures worry-free thanks to these 3 tips that make spur-of-the-moment travel with tinys a breeze!


– – Why haul bags stuffted with babydolls and legos through airport security?  BabyPlays can have a box full to the brim with exciting new infant and toddler toys waiting at your destination.  Your little ones will love trying out new playthings while on vacation, and you’ll love packing them back into the box and dropping it at the front desk on your way out!  For more info., visit


– Laundry Service – No need to pack your child’s entire wardrobe each time you travel.  Most hotels offer laundry services on the premises, picked up right from your room and delivered clean and fresh mere hours later.  Which means that 4 outfits, 4 undies, 4 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of pajamas is all you and your children will need for weeks on end of fun family travel!


3 – – How I used to dread cramming our suitcase full of diapers, wipes, creams, lotions, sunblock, shampoo, formula and baby food for an overnight family gettaway! And no matter how hard I tried, I  invariably left something behind that one of our babies couldn’t live without.  Which is why I was thrilled when I discovered Babies Travel Lite – an ingenious delivery service that offers a wide range of baby products for you to purchase (everything from q-tips to carseats), deliverable pretty much anywhere in the world!  They’ve even carry comprehensive “bundles” pre-filled with all your baby needs.  To check out what they offer, visit


These awesome services were created with traveling moms in mind and will definitely decrease both your packing stress and your luggage weight!