Jet_LagTwo years ago, I was frantically Googling tips on getting kids over jet lag. We had just landed in Beijing from Indianapolis and after a few nights of midnight playtime, I was desperate. I contacted a lady with a page of advice and she assured me this would pass. After two weeks, I didn’t believe her, but soon after we all settled into our regular schedules.

The best advice I was given and that I’ve found by experience is this:

1. Stay outside and active as much as you can. Yes, I know that’s the last thing you want to do when you’re jet-lagged yourself but it’s vital. Sunshine is necessary to reset the body clocks.

2. Keep to your regular schedule, even when it kills you. This means when your kids want to sleep all day and you do too, don’t let them! I struggled to wake myself up, much less the kids after 3 hours of napping. They were impossible to wake up, but it had to be done.


People commiserate with me over taking kids on such a long flight but I tell them that it’s the jet lag I dread the most. The flying is over in 24 hours or less but the jet lag goes on and on. And this is repeated on the trip home. There is no cure, but nevertheless, take it from someone who has lived through it – it may seem endless because it does take some time, but even the most stubborn kids will get it.