airportWhen JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater and a passenger got into a scuffle onboard a flight, it raised all kinds of questions about air rage. Here’s ours: What should you tell your kids if you happen to find yourselves in the midst of an air rage situation?

Fair Trade TMOM, Megy Karydes, knows the importance of speaking to her children while traveling. “When I travel with my children on an airplane, I make sure to tell them that we must listen to the flight attendant and follow their directions. They keep their belts on when they are supposed to, and we take flying seriously.

“If we were to see someone disobeying the attendant, I would point it out and say he’s not following the rules and that is dangerous. While they are both still young, I firmly believe moments like these can help shape them into respectful travelers now and later in their lives.”

Juggling TravelingMom Jamie Bartosch notes: “Kids are sometimes the CAUSE of air rage … even among fellow parents! I remember one businesswoman grumbling that they should have a special airline for families only, so kids won’t bother people.

Flight attendant Ramona Arellano-Snyder sees the stress that traveling can have on people every day. If she were traveling with kids and encountered a Steven Slater-like incidence of air rage, “I would tell my children that we all get upset sometimes, but we must choose how to handle our anger.”

If there is an incident of air rage during the flight, your child will look to you to find out how to react. Stay calm and explain to them what is happening.

That’s what Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell did when she was traveling with her kids a passenger became unruly.

“I was on a flight where a passenger became abusive and was cursing and shouting racist epithets. She was clearly drunk, and I told my kids that was the case. Then I had to explain every time I drank a glass of wine, I was not going to end up like that.”

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