car travelTraveling as a family can be so much fun but sometimes it can be taxing.  We have been traveling a lot over the past month and a half and I have had about enough.  Yes, even this Traveling Mom wants to stay home and avoid travel once in awhile!  That being said, I will probably start planning our next getaway in just a few days once real life settles back in! 

We have had to travel for a number of reasons.  Two of the trips were quick weekends away that were just for family fun and had been planned for quite some time.  One of the trips was made to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Another trip was made to remember and celebrate a family member that lived a long and amazing life. 

When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon, I loaded up the washing machine with all of our dirty clothes and breathed a sigh of relief as I dropped onto the couch.  I am thrilled to say that this Traveling Mom is staying put for the next four weeks. 

Do you ever feel exhausted from the travel? Do you get home from a weeklong vacation with your family and not want to see another suitcase for months?  I would love any advice for overcoming the travel burnout because, frankly, the thought of packing my suitcase up for the next trip makes me want to hide in my room! 

How do you gear up for your next trip?