dishwasherHouse manuals, when house swapping, are necessary – check this one out for details you might need to include in yours.

Pets – If pets are included in your exchange, a manual detailing their care and personality is extremely important. For an example, click here.

> Washer: Set the washer cycle to “12” and pull the knob out.  The tub will fill with the lid open, but the machine won’t run unless the top is closed.  The laundry detergent & fabric softener are in the cabinet immediately above the machine.


> Dryer:  Use the perma-press setting, low heat (already set).  The dryer will run with the door open, so you have to be careful opening the door when it’s still running!

> Dishwasher: Run the water in the right-side of the sink and turn on the garbage disposal to clear it out (the switch is on the wall to the right of the sink).  The dishwasher detergent is under the sink in the green bottle.  Fill both of the soap cups in the dishwasher door and close the lid, then close the dishwasher door and press “Start.”  If you want to load it and set it to run later, you can delay the start by 2, 4, or 6 hours by pressing the button next to the “Start” button, then pressing “Start.”

* The good kitchen knives (with black handles, in the knife block) should be washed by hand, NOT in the dishwasher

> The vacuum cleaner is kept in the coat closet by the stairs.

> TV: Press the square button on the bottom-left corner of the TV or the red “Power” button on the gray remote control.  It takes 5-6 seconds to warm up and a picture to appear.  There are about 75 channels available.  The TV guide comes in the Sunday newspaper; we have Adelphia Cable, labeled “AD” in the guide.

> DVD player: Turn on the DVD player and set the TV to channel “3” to watch movies.

> Xbox: Turn on the TV.  On the TV remote, near the top left corner is a button marked “AV.”  Press this button until “AV 3” appears on the screen.  Turn on the Xbox and you’re ready to go.

> Office Computer: In order to access the internet on our computers you must first click the shortcut labeled “CONNECT TO THE INTERNET” and wait for the DSL to connect (you’ll get a message saying that you are connected).  Then click the shortcut labeled “Internet Explorer.”  (Please do not download or install anything on these computers)

> Son’s Computer: Same as above, but his system is very slow, so be patient!

> There is a set of hot rollers under the bed and a hair flatiron under the sink in 2nd bathroom upstairs (with hair dryer).  An iron & ironing board are in the master bedroom.

> Linens: Towels and sheets are in the office closet, on the right side.  This is also where we keep extra toilet paper (top shelf).  Clean linens are already on the bed.  There is only one set of sheets for the single bed in the office.  Extra blankets are in the large wicker basket at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom.

> Outside BBQ Grill: To light the BBQ, get the long red lighter from the fireplace mantle.  Open the grill’s lid.  Look under the shelf on the left side and find the small hole near the front.  Light the lighter and put it through this hole, close to the burner, and then turn the left-most knob on the front to “High.”  The gas should light quickly.  Once the first burner is lit, turn the next knob to “High” and the second burner should light by itself.  I only use the left two burners.  Once the burners are lit, close the top and let the BBQ heat for about 10 minutes before cooking.  After cooking, let the BBQ cool before putting the cover back on.

> Please water plants, including the pots on front step and on the upstairs deck every few days.

> Garbage collection is on Wednesday mornings, at about 06:00.  There is only one bin.  You should put the bin out by the street on Tuesday night before you go to bed.  Extra bags for the trash can under the sink are in the closet by the back door (labeled “IKEA”).

> The bar-lock for the big sliding glass door downstairs is at the top of the door above the handle on the left side.  It will only lock when the door is completely closed and is the only way to lock that door.  We only lock the ground floor doors and windows when we leave the house for a while or when we go to bed, and we never close the upstairs windows!  This is a very quiet and safe neighborhood.

> There is a community pool at the bottom of the hill, on the left side of the street.  There is a magnetic card-key needed to open the gate.   Our card-key is in the envelope that had these notes.  Simply lay the card-key on the receiver by the gate and it should unlock.  Our card-key has a crack in it, so please be gentle with it or it may break!

> Our garage is the first one, immediately next to our parking space.  We keep it locked, but you will find a key in the envelope.  In the garage you will find:

o Two beach chairs and a beach blanket (hanging on the right wall)
o A boogie board, a skimboard, and two surfboards
o Several coolers for taking food to the beach, or wherever
o Extra paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins)
o Extra cat litter and cat food