lysoltogoLet’s be honest, everyone loves things that are miniature, whether it’s a poodle or those cute little squatty travel sized Ketchup bottles they give you at hotels.  You know the ones you kinda want to take home with you, but would never pack for fear of them bursting in a bag?Of course that rationale never stops me from packing the shampoo and conditioner. Anywho, I digress, I found these cute travel Lysol To Go’s at Target and I have to say, they are the perfect assessory whether you’re taking a family trip cross country or cross town.

Now, this is where I earn my moniker (Neurotic Traveling Mom); “you never know what you are going to encounter when you enter a hotel room, or rental car, or your own car after a trip to El Mexicano for burritos.”  Whether it’s an odor that needs covering or a roll away crib that needs “resurfacing,” disinfectant can be your friend.  Look, I’m not insane.  I don’t carry a black light to see what’s been done in or to a hotel room before I arrive; frankly, I’d rather not know.  I’m clearly not a germaphobe or I’d suggest the Costco size disinfectant.  But, as a slightly neurotic, aware individual, I would say a spritz on the door handles and the toilette handle are a nice start.  If you get spritz-happy trying to turn the room into a Drs. Office, that’s on you.