nature walk_in_SanDestinIf you aren’t traveling for the holidays, you might have just as much work ahead of you if you are hosting friends or family.  Although you might be planning a lot of time spent cooking in the kitchen, sitting in front of the television, or playing outside, plan a few activities for your guests to help keep your sanity!

When we have guests in town, we always try to plan fun activities that force us to get out of the house and play tourist. We always plan an activity that we have wanted to try but just haven’t had the time and we also throw in some old favorites.  Even if the activity is something that my family has done over and over again, it is fun to see it through someone else’s eyes.

Visit a museum.  Do you have a world-renowned art museum near you or maybe there is a fabulous science museum the kids love?  Is there a small museum that you have been meaning to visit and just haven’t gotten around to it?

Go for a walk.  Find a nature trail or walk around the neighborhood.  Grab a scavenger hunt and look for things on your walk.  Checking out the grounds of your local university or college can be a great way to spend time as a family.  Most of the students and staff will be gone for the holidays.  Wander the grounds, look at the architecture, and spend time together.

Grab the GPS and go geocaching.  Geocaching is a hands-on adventure that the whole family can enjoy.  To my children, geocaches are like little treasure chests.  Visit the geocaching website, locate some nearby and start hunting!

See a movie.  Sometimes you just want the family to be quiet and that is okay!  Choose a movie that everyone will like and enjoy the hour and a half of peace and quiet!

Are you welcoming family and friends for the holidays?  What are you going to do while they are in town?