Welcome ______________ family!  

We’re glad to be house-swapping this summer!  Here is my operating manual for our house, _____________________________________, issue ___________(YEAR).

Family cell phone number: ______________________
Neighbors:  Names, phone numbers, comments (if they are aware of the house-swap, etc.)
Babysitters:  Names, phone numbers, comments, parent’s names of younger babysitters
House Rules:  No food in living room, no food near computers, etc.
Trash/Recycling:  When, which cans are used for which trash
Mail & Newspapers:  Where to place
Plants / Landscaping:  Watering, landscaper schedule.
Housekeeper:  Who, how often, who pays
Bedrooms:  Storage availability or unpacking
Technical stuff:  Plumbing notes, circuit breakers
Food:  what’s offered and what’s off-limits
Appliances: Stove, microwave, dishwasher, trash compactor. disposal
Electronics: Remotes with instructions for all.  TV, DVD, VCR, Stereo, CD Player
Computer:  Passwords, rules, parental controls
Street Cleaning:  Parking on street,
Garage/Outdoor equipment:  bikes, scooters, hose, toys
Beach trips:  Easiest route, best beach, gear
Grocery shopping/wine store
Local happenings
Local Restaurants:  Kid-friendly, More adult
Miscellaneous:  Movie Theaters, Malls, Aquarium, Zoo, Skate parks
Local laws:  Car seats, helmets, cellphone use while driving
Closest Hospital