Holiday travel tips for families

Infographic courtesy of Extended Stay America Hotels

Ah, the holidays. Time for family, festivities and fun. Or is it? Sometimes all of that quality time can be a drain. These holiday travel tips for families will help keep everyone feeling happy, healthy and hopeful.

Get Moving

A little fresh air and exercise gets everyone moving and takes the edge off of kids who are eagerly anticipating Santa’s arrival.

Spending time one-on-one with relatives gives everyone a break from the big group and makes the person on whom you focus feel like special. Equally important, inviting an “outsider” like a neighbor for family friend into the family mix can alter family dynamics and ease tensions.


Be Healthy

Eating right, spending right and helping out are good for the body, the wallet and the soul.

Get Some Distance

Sleeping on the couch, or in your old bedroom, can seem like fun for a night or two. But much longer and it can take a toll. Spending Christmas in a hotel room with kids can be a challenge (read Solo TravelingMom’s tips for prepping your kids for Christmas in a hotel), but it might be preferable if the visit is scheduled to last longer than a few days. Being able to get away can sometimes be the key to family happiness.

Thanks to Extended Stay America Hotels for creating and supplying the accompanying infographic. Check out the Extended Stay America Hotel in Secaucus New Jersey, just a few miles from Manhattan and a good choice for a family budget friendly hotel near the Big Apple.

How will you cope with all of your family togetherness this holiday season? Share with us in the comment section below.