Historical Marker at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Photo Credit: Tonya Prater Ohio Traveling Mom

Chances are you’ve come across some of them in your hometown or in your travels. But you may not have realized that each of those markers are placed there to commemorate the special events, people or places that have contributed to the local, state or national history.

As a homeschooling mom, I’m eager to fit in some educational travel wherever we may go. Taking time to read the inscription on the markers, monuments and displays while traveling has allowed me to sneak in small doses of learning on every trip with my unsuspecting teens.

Sometimes the markers refer to well-known events, while others introduce my family to events we’ve never heard of. But they always offer manageable tidbits of historical significance that rarely leave us bored, and often the few short sentences entice us to dig deeper and learn more.

DiRivera Park Historical Marker

Photo Credit: Tonya Prater Ohio Traveling Mom

There are thousands of historical markers all over the country and there are some serious travelers that seek out to “find” and “collect” the markers, photographing them and adding them to a database so other people can enjoy them too. If you need help locating historical markers in your area or while traveling, visit the historical marker database. You’ll find a complete list of markers categorized by subject and location.

Next time you notice one of the brown historical markers, slow down and take the time to read the history commemorated on its surface. You’ll be amazed at what you uncover!

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