happy_familyA family vacation is one way to have a family adventure. But you don’t have travel hundreds of miles to have fun as a family. Try one of these creative ideas for a budget family vacation suburban adventure.

Backyard Camping

Camping out in your own backyard is one of the most practical and pleasurable activities that the family can enjoy.  It can be a spontaneous thing, or it can be well-planned – as long as you get out of your comfort zone and literally have a night out with a bit of the wild to make it exciting.

You can plan to camp during a meteor shower or a lunar eclipse. These are usually announced over the internet or the news prior to the actual occurrence so you will have enough time to prepare for that one special night – not that it requires too much planning and preparation since it is a few steps away from your doorstep!  Have a telescope handy so your kids can watch the moon much closer. 

Do a little barbecuing with your kids; assign a little bit of each task (setting up the tent, preparing the grill, making a bonfire, bringing the binoculars, etc.) to everyone depending on capability so everyone takes some responsibility for the outing.

While you wait for the meteor shower, set up a bonfire and make s’mores.

Wildlife Park Tripping

Park tripping can be fun and educational.  There is no need to go to a safari to expose them to the wildlife – the wildlife park just inside the city is good enough to take them closer to nature.  Make sure to have a few notes on the amazing characteristics of each animal so you can tell your kids as they go through them. Some parks allow their guests to touch or hold certain animals. Encourage your kids to try it so they will not fear the animals (which are guaranteed safe by the management, by the way). 

Restaurant Hopping

Pretend you’re food critics and go restaurant hopping around the city! Surely, you haven’t eaten in every restaurant so here is your chance; bring the whole family and pick the most unusual, if not the most extraordinary dining places.  Try out the oddest names in the menu and be surprised – just ask the waiter to warn you if it has alcohol or is too spicy for kids.


A good form of exercise plus an adventure you and your kids will surely love, hiking around the city and getting “lost” in unknown streets is another exciting activity for the whole family. Other people prefer doing this with their cars, but that would mean spending on gas.

Family Recipe Cooking

A cooking adventure is especially good for food lovers and aspiring chefs who want to have an exciting activity without leaving home. Take out an old cooking book and choose a new recipe that the whole family will prepare. Distribute the tasks and make sure to guide your kids through it so they do not get hurt. 

You can pretend you are on a cooking show and let your kiddos show their “audience” how the recipe is made.  Don’t forget to video tape the presentation.

Maxine Dee is a mom who cares about the environment.  She believes in going green, and in her job at Treetopia, she sells artificial Christmas trees so that natural trees are not consumed.  She likes working at Treetopia because of the uniquely styled and completely different colorful Christmas trees.