Even on the best-planned vacations, emergencies happen all the time. Do you know where to find a first aid station at a theme park? Do you know what to do if you child get hurts or injured while traveling? Does your insurance cover you while traveling out of state or out of country?


What Happens When You Need The First Aid Station at a Theme Park

Visiting the first aid station at a theme park, from Jana Seitzer, CrossCountry TMOM

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Imagine you plan the perfect family vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. Do you ever plan to visit the first aid station for an injury as part of that vacation? Most definitely not. However, that is exactly what happened to our family on the last night of our Walt Disney World vacation last month. We had a fabulous week of retreat, press trip, and extended family vacation fun. We enjoyed an incredible fireworks show to our favorite John Williams music, but the weather didn’t cooperate and we were covered in fireworks ash. The next thing I knew, my 8-year-old daughter was shrieking: fireworks ash had gotten in her eye.What Happens When You Need The First Aid Station at a Theme Park


Where to Find a First Aid Station at a Theme Park

Do you know where the first aid stations are located in the theme park? Do you actually take the time to stop and look and think about where they are located in case you have an emergency or a small accident?

I knew where one was near the park entrance. As it turns out, that was indeed the closest one to us. I told the nearest cast member what had happened, and we were quickly escorted to the first aid station by the cast member. My daughter had her eye flushed out by an RN and was examined. There’s not a lot you can do at that moment at the first aid station for ash in the eye. Flushing was about it, but they also gave her an ice pack to help with the pain, as well as saline to keep her eye wet.

To make a long story short, we needed a trip to urgent care for further examination of the eye, and she indeed had a scratched cornea. That was not the end to the magical vacation we were hoping for. Thank goodness for insurance, because as anyone who has ever visited an ER or urgent care out of network knows, those visits tend to be expensive and are often not covered at all.

What Happens When You Need The First Aid Station at a Theme Park

Checking for a scratched cornea, from Jana Seitzer, CrossCountry TMOM

Thanks to Allianz for sponsoring this post.

Allianz Professional Travel Program

Allianz has created the Professional Travel Program, an annual plan for journalists and their families. Allianz offers medical coverage for professional travelers like me, with an extension available to my family, which is perfect in a situation like this. You never know when you’ll need a visit to urgent care for a scratched cornea or pharyngitis (that was another travel adventure with a different child).

Allianz TravelSmart app

Allianz also offers the TravelSmart app that helps travelers when on the road. The new 2.0 version of the TravelSmart app features your personal information at your fingertips while you are traveling, including Real-Time Flight Stats, Medication Dictionary, Translate First Aid Terms, Country Information, International Hospital Search, Policy Management, and a Click-To-Call Hotline.

As a frequent traveler, this app is awesome. I love that I can store my insurance policy information and coverage details in the TravelSmart app so that I can have quick and easy access to my information wherever I am, online or offline.

Since I travel both domestically and internationally, I like that the medical dictionary in the TravelSmart app will provide the international term for my medication. I can access pictures from my iPhone camera or my photo library to add to my medication dictionary. In addition, notes that the I enter about medications can be stored in the app for quick reference. This is really handy if I’m traveling and need to add a new medication (it’s happened before!).

Should you require medical assistance abroad and need to communicate your needs quickly and effectively, the First Aid Terms functionality in the TravelSmart app allows you to translate common first aid terms into multiple languages. This is especially handy for international travelers and for those to travel to countries and may not speak the language. I can navigate my way around a French-speaking country, but if I get sick or injured in a Spanish-speaking country, I’m lost.
These are just a few of the features in the new TravelSmart app from Allianz. The app is free for everybody and can be downloaded on the website.

What Happens When You Need The First Aid Station at a Theme Park

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