So you’re on the road with the kids, motoring through Oklahoma, when you get an urgent call from work. Or suddenly remember you left the curling iron on. Is it legal here to whip out the cellphone and chat while behind the wheel? How about if you use a hands-free set?

The laws regarding cellphone use vary by state and country. One great resource is the Cellular-News website, at It lists restrictions, fines and areas where legislation is pending.

To be on the safe side, use a hands-free set or pull the car over.  If you choose the former, any adaptable earpiece will render your cellphone hands-free.  These items range in price from $9.99.  The price is usually dependent on the quality of sound and type of ear-comfort offered.  Keep in mind when purchasing that if you wear glasses, an over-the-ear type of headset may feel uncomfortable;  there are others that wrap behind the lobe of the ear so there is no interference with the glasses.  You may have to settle for a lower quality sound for comfort.


It’s never a bad idea to park (or trade driving duty with your partner) before making or taking a call. But if you do plan to drive and dial, find out first if you?re on the side of the law.