natureskitchenLike a lot of moms who work in the business world, I often travel for meetings, conferences and media events. I have always felt strongly about having a meal prepared for my family that they can pop in the oven while I am away.

I am also pretty consistent about preparing dinner when I am home. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when the pizza delivery girl is my BFF, but as often as I can, I like to prepare dinner myself.

If this conjures up images of me creating elaborate concoctions with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you are thinking of someone else. I use my grill – as often as I can. It’s easy on clean up, the food tastes good and there is something about eating food that has been cooked outside.

I use our grill so much, in fact, that it is hooked into our gas line – no tanks to refill. We never run out of gas, which makes it even easier to use year round. However, I live in the Northeast and that means snow, freezing temperatures and other forms of unwelcome precipitation that keep me indoors. Chef Curtis Stone gave me some great tips for keeping up my grilling skills, even when it’s too cold to venture outside.



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