menorahThere are so many activities happening in and around New York for the Chanukah this year. Even if you don’t live in the New York area, you can find great activities to keep kids busy for 8 days and beyond this Chanukah.

Every year since we were introduced to the Mama Doni Band, we never miss a Maccabeat at her Chanukah Fever concert. Just yesterday I took 4 kids to her performance the 92ndY in Manhattan. We danced. We sang. We noshed. This year, Streits has sponsored Mama Doni’s tour and generously gave Streit’s Chanukah Gelt and free music downloads to everybody. You can check out some of Mama Doni’s videos about Chanukah here.

The Grand Menorah Lighting. This is a lot of fun for the entire family. We are fortunate to live within a few miles of a Grand Menorah, but you can also find one in your area by searching here. Chanukah Events. These are great because they happen when kids are not in school and they can take on several creative activities all under one roof: create your own Menorah, olive oil making, design your own frame, and much more. Jewish organizations like the JCC, YMCA, and Chabad in your local community will have a listing of events near you. Most of them are FREE OF CHARGE! Other perks include music, dancing, free gifts, and plenty of traditional Chanukah foods like potato latkes and donuts! Yes, Chanukah definitely put the “oy” in oil this time of year!