When we drove to San Francisco over Thanksgiving weekend with our kids, we were loathe to eat at a fast food restaurant off of Highway 5 — one of the plainest, most boring drives in this beautiful country that we live in. We wanted… an experience. But Yelp doesn’t really cover I-5.We had our GPS set up — I know, what for? I-5 is one straight line — but we’re techy people, so we had it on, just to satisfy our curiosity. My husband suddenly clicked on “points of interest” on the GPS. One of the categories was “food.” Yeah, we clicked that, too. There was a whole mess of restaurants only 5 miles off of the highway. Near the state prison. Yay!We got off and found that gas was sixty cents cheaper (hello!) and we ate AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Mexican food for a very low cost. And I was able to practice my Spanish with everyone.Hey, if you’re a traveling mom, you must take some risks. When they pay off, it’s beautiful.