PortlandORMtHoodI might be the Traveling Grandmom, but I still consider myself technology savvy. Yet I don’t have an iPhone (or any other i-gadget), nor do I have an Android phone. The reason – I’m a fan of my Blackberry. For those of you not yet powered up to the i-gadgets, you can still take advantage of the amazing goby.com travel application, by simply logging onto your desktop or laptop and searching. Goby.com travel application is still an excellent online resource to plan your U.S.-based travel.

My newly-married daughter recently moved to Oregon, so I’ve had my eye on a trip to Portland. It’s about visiting her and hubby and meeting, for the first time, my 3 new step grandchildren. I’m looking forward to catching up with the family.  But I admit, I’m a foodie (and Restaurant Reviewer at Uptake.com) , and I’ve heard so much about Portland, Oregon’s food scene, that my visit will also be about the food and beverages that overflow in Oregon, especially Portland, or so I’ve heard.

My first goby.com adventure dream trip creation was plugging in food and drink, Portland, OR and anytime for a date into the search engine and voila! Within seconds, goby.com listed 223 pages food and drink options, from Bridgeport Brewpub & Bakery, in the historic Pearl District of Portland and Clear Creek Distillery…and the list goes on for 221 more times.

I narrowed down my search by focusing on Portland, Oregon wineries, just 8 pages of options, but I immediately spotted one I won’t be able to resist: Hip Chicks Do Wine

This is just the tip of the possibilities in Portland, Oregon which I discovered at goby.com.  Once I’ve got my dates booked to travel there, I’ll dig back into the website and narrow my search – all without those i-gadgets. So it’s good news for those of us without iPhones, IPads or other such android gadgets. We can still go online and reap the benefits of goby.com’s technology.

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Photo Credit: Visit Portland