When it’s time to give a gift, it’s tempting to head off to the store or cruise the Internet in search of just the right gift. This Traveling Mom says that finding exactly the right gift is easy. Travel is always the right size and always the right color.

Giving the Gift of Travel

Photo credit: Deb Jamtot / Technology TravelingMom

Photo credit: Deb Jamtot / Technology TravelingMom

I’m taking a much-needed packing break to share with you my very favorite Christmas present to both give and get:Travel

Big shocker, right?

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to this topic. But I was inspired to think more deeply about the gift of travel when my dad and stepmom invited my little family to spend this coming weekend with them at the Homestead, as part of our family holiday celebration. I can’t tell you how much more excited I am about this fun getaway than I would have been about anything wrapped up with a bow!

And I realized that the memories, the bonding, the unique experiences that a family can have while traveling together are some of the most precious gifts anyone could ever give or receive.


Travel Gift Ideas

Which is why I dropped my half-folded laundry and half-zipped suitcases to sit down for a moment and encourage you to cut back on the “stuff” all the ads and sales tell you must be under your tree this year and plan a family vacation instead.  There are warm memories and family togetherness opportunities for almost any budget:

Travel Gift Ideas for All Budgets$) Give your spouse a romantic night or weekend away, where you two can reconnect.  Brett and I recently visited the Anniversary Inn and were able to relax and rejuvenate in less than 24 hours.

($$) Get out the map and find a nearby roadtrip destination your family has never visited.  The money you save on travel costs can be put towards fun vacation experiences!

($$$) See a Holiday icon in real life:  The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, Cinderella’s Castle covered in glittering icicles or The White House hall decked to the nines.

($$$$) Experience beautiful traditions that are thousands of years old by spending the holidays in Europe.   What could be more festive than celebrating with cultures so rich in Christmas history?

When you gift travel, you give your loved ones the world!

What the best travel gift you have ever given or gotten? Share with us in the comment section below.