Forget color-coded binders. Back to school is all about technology. Start the school year off organized with this list of back to school tech designed to keep your kid on track for the whole year!

kids need some technology to keep them organized at school If your child’s head is in the clouds

skydriveSkyDrive magically organizes your child’s work, letting them save work from laptops, tablets or smartphones in a ‘cloud’ and accessing it from any device. This is particularly useful for students who accidentally leave their homework on the home computer; they can access the file from any browser. SkyDrive, for Windows or Mac, also switches seamlessly from Google Docs and Microsoft Office with no need to reformat.

If only it made the bed.

Size matters

Laptaps compete on fractions of an inch and in ounces. The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA is a thin, powerful laptop with an integrated disk drive and a high-definition LCD screen. Your teen will like the fact that it looks cool, with a sleek silver shell, and it is so lightweight that it can easily be toted around.

arc-touch-mouseMouse to Go

Like a mouse that can squeeze through a tiny hole in your house, the Arc Touch Mouse flattens for easy carrying. The mouse then pops up so you can use it to scroll through files. With a finger flick, get super fast scrolling; a tap brings it to a stop. The cool design is also a way to upgrade your look without spending a lot of money.