Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

Most resort hotels offer concierge desk services for guests, yet many don’t take advantage of the services. Perhaps people think a concierge is expensive, or they don’t understand what a concierge does?  If you are not using your hotel concierge, you are missing out on a wonderful hotel bonus!

Hotel concierge services are available to make certain your hotel stay is stress-free. They can set up golf tee times, tennis lessons, beauty and spa appointments, sailing lessons, and family fun activities. They can arrange car service, book ski lessons, and most hotel concierges have connections that others may not have, so they not only can make your dinner reservations, they may even be able to get you into that hot new restaurant that has been booked up for weeks.

Most concierge services are free, but tips are considerate.

How to Make the Most of a Concierge

My family has been going to the same hotel, The Loews Coronado Bay Resort, every July for the past six years. Our first visit, my son was still little, so we used the hotel concierge to help us arrange family beach activities and dinner reservations.

That first year, we had an issue with one of the activities, a group surf lesson, but because our concierge, Gordie, set up our reservation, he took care of the whole thing, and our issue was resolved efficiently and with no stress. It was then that we realized how important a concierge was to our hotel stay.


Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

Gordie takes care of hundreds of guests each year, and we only come for one week, yet he’s taken the time to get to know our needs and preferences, and he remembers them from year to year.

He’s become a family friend, and when we arrive at the Loews each year, Gordie is the first person we say hello to. He greets us with a big hug, and remarks at how big our son has become, and he knows us by name. He knows which restaurants we like in Coronado, and makes recommendations for new restaurants and activities he knows we will enjoy. Our relationship with Gordie has become an important part of our stay at the Loews Coronado.

Next time you stay at a hotel resort, give concierge services a try; I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy they can make your stay. And if you go to the Loews, be sure to say hi to Gordie for us.