For some reason, I wasn’t able to sleep welhotel-rooml in hotel rooms. Maybe it was because of the different atmosphere, the different bed, the noise from other rooms, but it all seemed to bother me and keep me up at night. That is until I learned some sleep strategies.

I’ve learned throughout my years of traveling, that it is possible to get a good night’s sleep in a hotel room if you do some of the following:

Ask about the bedding in your room. Some hotels specify the type of mattress and pillows that you’ll be sleeping on. If not, ask. If they don’t sound like they’ll suit you, it may be necessary to find a hotel with the type of comfy bed you’re used to. You can bring a pillow from home, especially if you’re taking a road trip, or request extra pillows and the type you like – down, feather, etc. A blanket from home or an extra one from housekeeping may also be helpful. Fix up the bed the way you are comfortable – take off the bedspread, untuck the sheets, surround yourself with pillows, etc.

Get a room that suits you. Want to avoid noise? Ask for a hotel room that doesn’t face the street or the pool if it’s open at night. Avoid being close to elevators. Some hotels have areas of rooms that are in a quiet zone. Don’t like the sunlight waking you up early? Avoid rooms that face the east. Most hotels will be able to point you in the right direction for your perfect hotel room.

Set the room to your sleep standards. Adjust the thermostat to the temperature you feel comfortable with. Sometimes a lower temperature aids sleep. Check the curtains. Do you like a darkened room? Close them completely. Is there a light from a hairdryer blinking? Unplug it. Look around and see what you need to change to aid your sleep.

Use white noise. Take along a white noise travel machine, or use your smart phone for a white noise app. Take this latest news into account though when thinking about keeping a smart phone near you when you sleep – The electromagnetic field from cell phones may prevent deep sleep according to Dr. Oz.

Maintain your sleep schedule. It may be difficult to avoid late nights when you travel, but in the long run you’ll get the sleep you need. Sticking to your sleep routine helps too. If you read before bed, take along a book. Do you take a hot bath, eat a small snack and then brush your teeth before you sleep? Do that in your hotel as well.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help you have a better vacation. You’ll be alert, happy and ready to take on the new adventures when you travel.

Connie Roberts is a professional blogger who makes it her mission to advocate for people with medical issues. Travel with a disability is not a struggle, but an opportunity to see the world and let others see that it’s possible and a lot of fun. Tweet with her @ConnieFoggles.