savemoneyOne of the fallacies of vegetarianism is that it is cheaper than eating meat.  I made a wild mushroom pasta recently that cost $80 for 4 servings; surely a roasted chicken would cost a lot less.

Apparently, I also live in an area where gas prices will be highest this summer. Gas prices across the country vary widely, according to an article in the New York Times.

The Times looked at gas prices around the country; they are highest in California (which may be why so many people drive hybrids and electric cars) and lowest in Missouri and Arkansas.

Reasons for Pricing Differences


Some of the differences are the result of political unrest; East Coast oil comes from Libya, Iraq, Nigeria and Russia. The high prices in California come from maintenance issues at West Coast refineries, while cheap Canadian oil benefits Midwestern drivers.

My husband often jokes that since we eat a lot of beans, we get our gas for free. But carnivores and legume lovers alike can benefit from the relatively low price of a gallon of regular gas.

Overall, the average price for a gallon of regular gas is just about the same as last year, good news for all those families hitting the road this summer. To save money on gas, you can download an app that helps you find cheaper gas nearby.

Of course, if you drive in Europe, you will find sharply higher gas prices, along with gasoline sold by the liter, in a different currency making price comparisons even more difficult.