credit-cardsLast week, I shared four ways that my family saves up money for our vacations.  We travel as budget friendly and frugally as we possibly can so we are always looking for ways to save money on the trip, too.  Here are some of our favorite tips:

Stay in a plain old hotel room – Suites are great and if we can afford them we like the extra space they allow; however, many times we find that the two bed hotel is the cheapest option.  Sure, it can be an inconvenience to everyone to have to sleep in the same room.  It means you may have to go to bed at the same time earlier than you want or let the kids stay up later than you normally do, but you will be happy to have those few extra bucks if possible!

Stop at the visitor center or hotel concierge to pick up brochures – You know all of those brochures stacked up in those fancy stands that you usually walk past?  Don’t!  Next time, grab a few of those brochures because you just might find coupons in them!

Look for as many free or under ten dollar activities as possible – If you are going to a theme park destination, you probably aren’t going to be able to get away with this one, but you can still try.  National and state parks charge a very small car admission and you can hike, visit the nature centers or have a picnic.   We are always on the lookout for new playgrounds when we travel.  These are free and you can usually find one that isn’t just a playground.  For example, when we were in Virginia Beach, VA, we found a park called Mt. Trashmore.  Mt. Trashmore has these amazingly huge hills to run on and it was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil.  We spent hours exploring this park.  Also, when you are planning your trip, visit Free in the 50 States on Traveling Mom. 

Bring breakfast with you or stay at a hotel that includes complimentary breakfast – When we book a hotel, we always book a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast but we travel with our own breakfast.  We bring boxes of dry cereal, granola bars or donuts (for a treat).  We keep this handy in case we sleep in one morning or the hotel doesn’t offer breakfast.

How do you save money while you are on vacation?