P1010943-1At the beginning of the summer, we went camping with a bunch of friends. Camping with lots of people is great because if you forgot to bring something, chances are that someone in your group can provide it for you. (see: Rookie Camping)

At dinner, we discovered that, to a person, everyone brought sausages or hot dogs. Why?

Because it’s easy! You don’t want to have to work too hard for your food when you’re camping. Of course, you want it to taste good, but ease is a critical consideration.

Over the summer, we learned a lot about camping (get good chairs, bring ice, cots keep you off the ground, etc.) I wanted to impart some of the wisdom regarding camp food that I’ve gleaned and pass it on to you:

  1. Before heading out to the campsite, take an entire loaf of bread, makes sandwiches (PB&J, Turkey – nothing with the potential for too much sogginess – condiments can come later) and then put them back in the plastic bag the loaf of bread came in.
  2. Make stuff at home and just heat it up at the campsite – chili, soup, stew. Who wants to cut onions with flies and mosquitos nagging you? Too much work!
  3. Dry ice will kill (freeze) your fruits and vegetables. If you use it, use it with care and forethought. Better to get a block of ice, melts slower than cubes.
  4. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap is a good alternative to branded camp soap. It will not add bad stuff to the environment and if you get mint, it smells delicious.
  5. Have plenty of ZipLock bags and Tin Foil. The bags keep food dry if the ice melts over it. The tin foil serves as an all-purpose cover, from cooler to campfire.
  6. Get a medium plastic tub for washing dishes – conserves water and can be used as a basket when it’s not a basin.
  7. Do not, under any circumstances, forget your smores.  They’re a no-brainer gimme.  And easy! 

Of course, these are beginner tips. I’m a beginner camper. Getting ready to take it to the next level…