What’s not to love about What Not to Wear? If you’re like me, it’s a Friday night addiction (that is, when my husband doesn’t have me gallivanting about town – ha!).

My favorite thing about the show – much more than the dreadfully boring closet thrashing sessions and Clinton and Stacy’s over-the-top insults – is the spot-on advice for each woman’s body type that they sprinkle throughout the show. I can’t get enough of these.  I can apply these fashion tips for travel, casual and evening wear. That’s why I love the following tips that I scooped up from Jess Neff, a fashion consultant who not only styles NBC newscasters and on-air talent but also styles fashion segments for none other than – you guessed it – “What Not to Wear.”

•    Honesty is the best policy. Instead of convincing yourself that you should buy an item a bit small because you plan to lose a few pounds by summer, be honest and get whatever size fits you now. “You can always take it in later,” Neff advises, adding that it’s pretty pointless to stuff your closet with clothes you can’t wear.
•    Fit your largest part first. You can’t add material, but you can absolutely take it in. Neff insists that just about any item can be tailored to fit as long as it fits your widest part. An example: If you have full hips, buy the pair of pants that fits your hips best and then take in the waist if needed. This rule even applies to jeans.
•    Structure over stature. For problem areas you want to disguise, Neff suggests classic pieces that have good structure, like two-button blazers. Don’t try to hide your soft spot with oversized clothes; it’ll backfire.
•    Blast yourself with color. “Color is a great way to freshen up any closet,” says Neff. Don’t know which tones suit you best? Stick with jewel tones, which she says flatters most skin tones.
•    Get the length right. Neff is a huge fan of tailoring clothes so they fit just so. Don’t neglect the length of slacks, which she says should be bought or hemmed to be long enough for the shoes you plan to wear with them. “Nothing looks less polished and unflattering than high-water hems and those dragging to the floor,” she says.

Kara Mayer Robinson is a regular contributor to travelingmom.com