farmersmarketGetting kids to try vegetables is the bane of many moms who want their family to eat healthy. Most kids love fruit. But green things can be a bigger challenge. My kids have always been more willing to be adventurous eaters if they get to choose what they’re going to be eating.

That’s why we love farmer’s markets. Wherever we travel in the United States, we ask whethere there’s a local farmer’s market and make plans to visit. Farmer’s markets are a great way to meet locals and get tips on where to find the best restaurants and the best things to do with kids in that town.

And, because they’re farmers, they know great produce. I always encourage my kids to talk with the farmers about their products and how they grow.

During our farmer’s market visits, each of the kids gets to choose two things we’ll buy. One can be their favorite–maybe fresh-picked peaches or strawberries. And they have to choose one thing they’ve never tried before or something they’ve eaten before and didn’t really like.


Then we have a taste test. All three kids lay out their choices and we cut them into five pieces so each of us gets a mouthful. We taste and compare. By doing this, the kids have learned that they love fresh green beans and asparagus. Beets? Not so much.

If you can’t get your kids to eat vegetables on their own, try this sneakier method of getting your kids to eat vegetables from Vicks Nature Fusion.

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