manilla In the BBC-America show Outnumbered (hysterically funny, like Modern Family with British accents, the parents fantasize about pulling the kids out of school and moving to India.

Many of us who love to travel have this idea, but we worry about the mortgage, soccer practice and getting into college. Even a month’s vacation can wreak havoc on the family’s finances; not only do you have to pay for the family vacation, but you have to make sure that while you are away, you are getting, and paying, all your bills.

We have gone paperless on many of our bills, but we’ve also had problems: a bill that we never saw on email for, late fees, a diminished credit rating. My husband actually took a step back and started getting our bills by mail again.

Not only does this put a crimp in the family vacation, but it also wastes paper. The free online service Manilla organizes your financial life and makes it easier to take off for a billing cycle or two, provided you have Internet access on your rumspringa.

Manilla offers five account categories: household bills (think phone and cable); magazine subscriptions; air travel rewards programs; financial (mortgages and credit cards) and coupons. Once you link everything up, you only have to remember one password, and Manilla takes care of sending you reminders, with a color coded sense of urgency.

You can set up to get emails or text alerts when a bill is coming due, two weeks out, a week out, a day before, and when you look at your bills, the darker color means the bill is due soon.

One of the most useful tools is the reminder that your coupons, like Groupon or Living Social, are about to expire.

Now, about that trip to India…