BeachChoosing a family vacation destination is the first — and often the hardest — step in the trip-planning process. You have to find a place that has plenty of fun stuff for the kids, but will make the adults happy as well. These family vacation destinations have enough varied options to entertain both the kids and the adults in your family.

After taking enough vacations with people of all ages you learn a thing or two about the destinations that are the biggest hit with the whole group. These destinations suggestions should help you narrow down the location of your trip to somewhere guaranteed to please everyone ages five to 75.

1) Visit a big city:

Big cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles aren’t just big, they offer a wealth of great things to do. These metropolises are filled with museums, cultural attractions, incredible food in all price ranges, and ethnic flavor you just don’t find in most small towns. Worried about the expense of a big-city family vacation? You can make it affordable by checking out free things to do with your family. For example,  free things to do in Chicago include a world-class zoo and the largest Latino cultural institution in the country, the gorgeous National Museum of Mexican Art.

2) Take a road trip:

road trip can please families with members of all ages

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Few things say “American family vacation” like a good old-fashioned road trip. Pile everyone and their belongings into the car and head off on an adventure. The great thing about a family road trip is that you can visit several destinations in one vacation, which makes it easy to find something to please everyone. If Junior didn’t like stopping to see the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine on Tuesday, he’ll be happy at the theme park you’ve lined up for Wednesday.

Another major benefit to road trips is the expense. You can save quite a bit by loading up the car with your whole family, as well as some home-brought snacks and lunches, and hitting the open road to get to your vacation spot. An added bonus is all the extra stuff you get to see on the way!

However, nothing can ruin a good vacation faster than car problems. So make sure your car is ready before you hit the road, which includes making sure you have the right car insurance coverage. If you don’t have a policy that offers the coverage you need for your family vacation road trip, compare policy options and vehicle insurance quotes from a few insurance providers to find a better option before you leave.

a vacation to the beach will please people of all ages

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3) Go to the beach:

The beach—or the lakeshore, for those far from the coast—is an ideal family vacation spot because there are so many ways to enjoy the sun, sand and water. The adults may prefer to lie under an umbrella with a good book while the kids build sandcastles and the teenagers try boogie boarding or surfing. Load up the car with beach toys, coolers and anything else you may need and you have a vacation to please everyone in the bunch!  Just remember that the pain of sunburn can sometimes outweigh the pleasure.

Family Vacation Destinations for All Ages

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