Travel Security Tips For Your Devices From Facebook Bathing suit…check. Toothbrush….check. Securing your laptop, phones and tablets … um, what?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked item on that vacation checklist is securing your smartphone, laptop, Kindle, iPad, or tablet device. Not to mention the privacy issues if those items are stolen.

Don’t leave home without these travel security tips for your devices provided by Facebook:

1. Update your software

Software updates help protect devices from viruses. Visit the systems menu and update the latest version for each and every device. A good time to do this is the night before your trip while your phone is charging.


2. Password protection

The likelihood of your child setting down your iPhone on a park bench to chase a bubble or a butterfly is high for parents. Teenagers and adults are no better, thousands of iPhones and laptops are lost every year. The difference between a thief keeping your phone or laptop or leaving it where it lays depends on you having an encrypted password on your device. Setting a password ensures that your device will find its way home as well.

3. Delete information on your devices that you don’t need

That list of playdate addresses is better left at home. This goes double for files that may or may not contain passwords or sensitive information.

4. Know your network

Be cautious of what networks you use. Typically, a network that supports HTTPS or SSL is a safe option. Sites such as Wells Fargo and Facebook will use a support network encryption. When in doubt, invest in a VPN or don’t use a network that you don’t trust.

5. Return home and run an anti-virus software

It’s always a good idea to run an anti-virus software to make sure that you didn’t bring home more than a suntan. Plus, you can unpack while it’s running.