How to Extend Your Vacation via the Hotel SpaStressing about check-out times? Late check-out not an option for your family? We discovered an unknown secret about hotel spas that will help you end your vacation in the most relaxing way. Stress no more and grab a spa day pass which grants you access to all the spa amenities for the entire day!

I don’t know about you, but maximizing every minute of my vacation is a goal of every vacation planned.  From the earliest flight to our destination to booking the latest(reasonable flight home, I want to ensure my family and I are enjoying and making the most of everything our destination has to offer. That’s not to say the minute we land on the ground that we’re off and running to the very end. After all, this is a vacation and I want to be as relaxed as I would be at a spa. Still, I do want to know we are enjoying every minute we are somewhere new or different, soaking up all this new destination has to offer.

Most if not all hotels have check-outs planned relatively early, which makes a lot of sense.  It gives them the opportunity to clean and freshen up the accommodations and amenities in time for those who are checking in later in the day. If you’re lucky, depending on how busy the hotel/resort is, you might be able to snag a later check-out. Because it’s a much desired option, some hotels even charge for a later check out.  Unfortunately these courtesies or surcharges only extend the time by an hour or two at most. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really buying you a lot of time, especially if you heeded my tip to book the latest (reasonable) flight. There is still much time left to the day. Yeah, I like to have my cake and eat it too. Early check in and late departure is my goal for every vacation and I recently discovered this awesome way to do just that and comfortably too!

I SPA, Do You?

How to Extend Your Vacation via the Hotel Spa

Amenities at Spa Kalahari in Pocono, NY / Photo Credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergy TMOM

Most moderate and luxury-priced hotels and resorts have spas on site.  They are fantastic for things like massages, body treatments, facials, a quick manicure, sometimes even a haircut.  Many of them also have amenities like hot tubs, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms; fancier ones may even offer hydrospas.  Access to these amenities are included with any spa treatment purchase but they are often offered as an affordable day pass package depending on how busy they are for the day.  At a recent visit to Kalahari Resort & Convention Indoor Waterpark, a day pass was only $35 but a manicure was as little as $20, which provides an entire day of access to the amenities as well.  What I love is that most spas allow you to come and go as you please for the entire day!


I have discovered that booking a day at the spa on the day of departure is the perfect way to end a vacation.  I store the bulk of our luggage with the bellman, with the exception of a small duffel bag or carry on bag to take to the spa. Either have a quick treatment, massage perhaps or a manicure first thing in the morning, store my unnecessary belongings into my locker and head out for the day.  A couple of hours before I have to depart to the airport, I’ll head back to the spa, relax in the hot tub, spend some time in the sauna or steam room and then shower before heading to the bellman to pick up my belongs and heading home.

How To SPA With Children

Yes, how does one manage to spa when with children? That (stupid) 18+ rule… I jest. My husband and I found the perfect balance on our recent trip to Kalahari Resorts & Convention Indoor Waterpark. We both purchased Spa Kalahari’s Hydropass and took turns getting a little relaxation in. I went first and enjoyed some time in the Jacuzzi, sauna and even the steam room before meeting the family for lunch. Later in the afternoon, my husband went to enjoy his time at the spa while I supervised over the kids as they were slowly winding down.  By the time he had returned, the children were finally finished with the waterpark, freshly showered and changed into their clothing in their communal shower hall, ready to hit the giant arcade just outside the waterpark entrance. That was my cue to sneak back off to the spa, snag a quick dip in the Jacuzzi before hitting the showers and changing to head home.

How to Extend Your Vacation via the Hotel Spa

Complimentary Beverage and Food Service at Spa Kalahari in Pocono, NY / Photo Credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergy TMOM


  • a locker to store your belongings
  • robe and slippers
  • showers with shampoo, conditioner and body wash
  • moisturizers and face lotion
  • blow dryers
  • basic toiletries like panty liners, Q-tips, make up sponges
  • water, coffee, tea and other allergy-friendly bites


  • Your carry on bag, filled with the following:
  • A fresh change of clothes, the outfit you’re wearing home
  • Toiletries (although most spas provide basics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer, you may prefer you own, especially if you have sensitive skin like mine.), make up
  • small hand towel or face cloth or loofah sponge