Pensacola_BeachPensacola is where I have called home for over fourteen years. I consider myself somewhat of a Pensacola expert (at least when it comes to family travel!)…I even have my own website about exploring Pensacola with kids! I will admit that I was surprised to learn that there were some spots that I haven’t heard of yet and can’t wait to explore now that Goby has pointed them out to me! helps take some of the stress out of planning a vacation or just finding new spots to visit in your own city. is the sponsor for the TMOM Twitter Party on Monday, 5/23, so I wanted to see what they were all about. Using the website is easy, straightforward, and oh so helpful. I typed in my hometown of Pensacola and discovered a couple of hiking trails that I didn’t know about and a charter boat that we might try this summer. There are also a few beach spots that we have yet to check out!

After exploring some options in my town, I switched to some surrounding cities like Mobile, Alabama and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. I learned that there are five rivers that come together in Mobile Bay and there is a new resource facility for outdoor recreation, conservation, and land stewardship. We will definitely be visiting this summer!

Speaking of summer plans, Goby also has an app for the iPhone and iPad that can help make your trip planning a little bit easier.

Be sure to stop by the TMOM Twitter Party on Monday 5/23. Be sure to RSVP because is sponsoring a giveaway and you could be eligible to win an iPod or iPad2!