MG 3883Daytime Emmy Award-winner Sherri Shepherd is partnering with Oral-B to help inspire others to take charge of their oral health. In a series of video testimonials available at, Sherri has revealed her “Powerful Moment of Truth” – that instant when she switched from a manual to a power toothbrush – and its positive impact on her oral health.

Because eight out of 10 Oral-B users prefer their power toothbrush over a manual brush, Oral-B is calling on power toothbrush users across the country to share their own “Powerful Moment of Truth” on

I had the chance to interview Sherri my Top Ten and here are her answers!!


1. I am currently obsessed with… Twitter
2. The last book I read and loved was… The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
3. If I could travel one place in the world it would be…Israel
4. I can’t go a day without… flossing my teeth and also brushing with my Oral-B power toothbrush
5. My favorite drink is… water
6. My favorite beauty secret is… a great wig!
7. My secret tip for traveling with children is... iPad iPad iPad
8. My current perfume of choice is… Bond No9 Wall Street
9. One of the best trips I’ve taken was to… Anguilla
10. I truly believe in... the goodness of people

Wow! This isn’t the first celebrity I’ve interviewed that’s brought up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Guess I know what I’ll be adding to my reading list.