HBauerHeadshot2011 I had the chance to sit down with nationally acclaimed nutritionist and author Heather Bauer, RD, CDN. She was featured last week on Access Hollywood Live talking about common Diet Devils that sit on our shoulders. Mother of three under the age of four (twins included), Heather opened up about her new book, ‘Bread Is the Devil‘ and offered up nutrition tips for moms while traveling. 

Tell me a little about Bread is the Devil

Bread is the Devil is a comprehensive collection of nutrition secrets ranging from basic nutrition principles to a variety of innovative dietary techniques that have proven wildly successful with many of my clients. Bread is the Devil provides everything dieters need to know to lose weight effectively and permanently.

Aimed at helping everyone exorcise personal “Diet Devils,” or the lifestyle challenges that keep you from sticking to your weight loss goals, Bread is the Devil highlights ten Diet Devils that steer us off course on a daily basis, including:

· Little Devils: Your beloved kids whose meals you can’t resist a bite of here and there


· Road Hogging: Grabbing easy and unhealthy meals/snacks while constantly on-the-go

· Late Night Shuffle: Mindlessly snacking after the Little Devils are finally tucked in

· FreeStyle Dieting: The “you name it, I’ve tried it!” dietarian

 Whatever the challenge, this book provides an attainable and realistic approach to weight loss by helping readers identify their personal weaknesses and showing them simple and easy ways to avoid falling into these daily traps and setbacks.

How did you come up with such a GREAT title!?
My clients inspired me to come up with the title, they would come in over and over repeating the phrase “Bread is the Devil,” because it is generally what we all say or feel when we over indulge. Ultimately bread becomes the symbol of sabotage for healthy eating and dieting, the phrase is shorthand for the inevitable demonic pull that certain bad habits exert on us.

Even though the book is called Bread is the Devil it is not another low-carb diet book. There are many good carbs, identified in the book as angel carbs, such as whole grains and beans that are sensible and healthy to eat and help create a well balanced meal.

How can we exorcise “Diet Devils”?
To exorcise Diet Devils we have to identify those which haunt us the most. The first step is take the quiz at the beginning of Bread is the Devil to figure out which devils are your particular area of weakness, some people may suffer from all ten where others will only relate to two or three.

For example, all moms with relate to “Little Devils,” but those who travel often whether on vacation or throughout the day from work to picking up the kids to errands and after school activities, will relate to “Road Hogging”. There is also the “Dine Out” devil for moms who are constantly eating out or “Late Night Shuffle” for moms who snack the night away after the kids are asleep. The quiz will help you identify which Diet Devils affect you the most. Then within the book you can focus on each devil giving specific strategies to navigate your way through that situation.

Most people will find that even though they may have three or more Diet Devils, they typically struggle with one Diet Devil the most. Say for example “Late Night Shuffle may be the most significant of all of your challenges that should be the first thing you work on. Small changes makes a huge difference when it comes to weight loss, rather than tackling all your devils at once try one at a time. Nights are a great place to start if this is your Devil, pushing afternoon snack down until when the kids are eating their dinner and eating your dinner after they go to bed is a great way to avoid late night binging.

Packing snacks for a trip with kids can be daunting – what do you suggest?

  • · Pack snacks that your kids like, but that are not your personal favorites. Sometimes kids have no interest in the snacks you think they like, be careful not to choose snacks based on your personal preference that your kids don’t like, you will end up eating their entire snack. If you love cheddar bunnies, but your kids do not, why pack them at all!
  • Individually packaged snacks are always smart/healthy for kids and will keep you from picking, especially since many kids don’t like sharing their snacks with mom. Snacking while traveling can become a time consuming activity for the kids. An organic box of raisins, cheese and fruit packs less than 100 calories, and organic and gluten free products are great snacks for kids to pick on for a long car ride or plane. Make sure these are snacks that are not appealing to you, fruits and vegetables are fine for the taking!
  • Also be strategic about when you have your snack. When traveling, kids will snack way more than parents need. While traveling you have to let go of your child’s regular eating schedule; as a measure to give them something to do, kids will eat more often than they do at home during a regular school day. Always aim to keep yourself as close to your eating schedule as possible and let the kid’s schedule go a little more freely.
  • It is ideal to have three meals and one afternoon snack while traveling, if you need extra snack on top of your afternoon snack, reach for raw fruits and vegetables – I call these a free pass for moms. Avoid eating every time your kids do, If your kids are having a mid morning snack that’s a great time for coffee, tea, a piece of fruit that fits in your hand or plain fiber crackers, otherwise you should wait until lunch. Vacationing brings out the worst in me.

I always make poor food selections. How can I avoid this?

  • · The “Celebrations! Vacations!” Devil addresses this perfectly. The first 24 hours sets the tone for the entire vacation, have your game face on at the beginning of the vacation. If you go in strong for the first 24-48 hours it is much easier to hold yourself together. Wear something a little more fitted for your first travel day, loose fitting leggings or pants are bad strategy. We all like to travel in our most comfortable clothing, but jeans are best as we are more likely to eat lighter and stick to your diet when wearing tighter fitting clothes.
  • ALWAYS hold it together for breakfast, make this your rule. No matter where you are in the world there is always a healthy option in the morning: eggs, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, etc. Make a smart choice in the morning and save your carbs for later on in the day. On vacation it is easy to eat a massive breakfast well above what you would eat at home, which can set off your entire day.
  • Don’t let go of your water intake while traveling. Many travelers are afraid to drink water while on the road without easy access to a bathroom, but water helps flush out fat and salt levels. Take advantage of apps where u can find the closest bathroom!
  • Always save indulgences for dinner or after dinner. If you indulge early on in the day you are going to indulge all day. Salty and sweet foods makes your body crave more salt and sugar, so save indulgent foods/snacks for dinner and dessert; then you go to bed and tomorrow is a brand new day!

Heather Bauer Top Ten:

  1. I am currently obsessed with… GG Scandinavian Brand Crisp Cracker To Go, great for on the road and traveling with the kids! 
  2. The last book I read and loved was…The Girl with Dragon Tattoo 
  3. If I could travel one place in the world it would be…Vietnam 
  4. I can’t go a day without…My Kids 
  5. My favorite drink is…Water, big fan of the Bobble (water filter built in – for an eco friendly on the go drink) 
  6. My favorite beauty secret is…Always moisturize 
  7. My secret tip for traveling with children is…let go of the eating/napping schedule for your kids the first day because it can stress you out and lead you to breaking your diet and healthy eating. It’s one day and you can get them back on track the next day….when in doubt my secret travel tip is organic lollipops with vitamin c, always have some on hand! 
  8. My current perfume of choice is…Bond No. 9 
  9. One of the best trips I’ve taken was to…Greece for my honeymoon 
  10. I truly believe in… “live your life not your diet”