376More and more of us are relying on our mobile phone apps these days to keep us organized, up-to-date and completely in-the-know. I personally find that my iPhone 4 has become another appendage and when I travel, I count on my phone to help me make things go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a few good apps while you travel here are some suggestions.  Most of the following apps are available for Android and Blackberry as well!

TripItthe perfect app for keeping all your confirmations organized. As you book your travel, forward your airline, hotel and other confirmations to your Trip It account. Trip It organizes everything into an itinerary that puts all your documents at your finger tip. You can share your itineraries easily to keep everyone up to date on where you are and how to find you in case of an emergency.

Flight Track Pro-the most up to date flight tracker I have found. While this iPhone app is on the pricey side, currently at $9.99, the first time it saves you from missing a gate change, or gives you the jump on rebooking delayed travel, it will be worth it. Link this to Trip It and you should have all the information you would ever need, all pushed to your phone and anyone else you share it with.

Trip Advisor– While we, of course, want you to do a search on your destination here at TravelingMoms.com, Trip Advisor is an invaluable resource for real-life reviews by fellow travelers. The reviews here put my mind at ease about where we are staying and provide helpful tips and user photos.

AccuWeather-when know before you go weather is important, this is the tool you want. Of all the weather apps out there, I have found AccuWeather to be the most accurate. Knowing what the 5 day forecast will be during your trip will help you modify your itinerary to take advantage of the best weather conditions possible. If you know it is going to rain or snow, you can always plan your indoor days around that.

Google Maps-I find this to be a much more reliable source for directions than MapQuest. On my iPhone it tells me where I am and how to get to my destination, making adding a navigator to my rental car unnecessary. Today I even used it to make sure the taxi wasn’t taking me on the scenic route to the airport! Since it is small and you won’t want to be distracted, make sure someone else in the car reads the phone for you if you are driving.  

Vacations can be a large investment of both time and money.  Hopefully the above tools will help you make the most of yours, making your trip easier and less stressful. Please let me know if there are any additional apps you think are worth checking out for travel in the comments below!