Photo Credit Becky Davenport

Photo Credit Becky Davenport

Oh aren’t those flowers lovely! However, there is no one to buy me a dozen pretty roses for my kids to present to me on Mother’s Day. Being a single mom on Mother’s Day brings mixed emotions – this will be my fourth Mother’s Day as a single mom.

The first year hurt – when I say hurt I mean I laid in the fetal position and cried my eyes out thinking “How in the heck did I become a single mom?” Then I put my mom jeans on, wiped a smile on my face, a managed to take my kids hiking.

The second year I remember quite well my father asking me “What are you going to get your mother for Mother’s Day?” My gut instinct was to tell him “absolutely nothing – it’s my Mother’s Day also and no one buys for me.”

Finally four years later, reality has sat in. Being a single mom on Mother’s Day is amazing. I don’t have to share the kisses and hugs, I don’t have to cook for the in-laws or outlaws, and I can plan my own Mother’s Day. Which this year will probably be ice cream, napping, and a few hugs and kisses.

Tips for a Better Mother’s Day for Single Moms

Make it simple. Don’t stress, just enjoy your day, your children and remember this day is about you.

Go somewhere . Splurge for a hotel with a pool if you can. Even if you can’t afford a weekend getaway, it doesn’t mean you have to sit home and be depressed. Travel somewhere nearby and affordable. I suggest a trip to the zoo or a short hike in a nearby park.

Goals are good.  If you are used to having a spouse and this is your first year as a single mom – then set small goals for Mother’s Day and know that every year it will get better.

Capture the moment. It may seem odd taking a picture of just you and your kids, but cherish this day and this moment. In years to come you will look back and smile at this spectacular day!

Block out social media. There is nothing worse than watching all of your friends post pictures of breakfast in bed and all the spectacular things their husbands remembered to do. LOG OUT of those social media accounts and remember you are special too!

Brag on yourself. You may be the only person who posts the picture of that spectacular Mother’s Day you had with your kids – so BRAG your little heart out – you deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms! How will you spend your special day?