pinkliningIf you’re like me, you dread changing a diaper in an unfamiliar place. It’s unavoidable when you travel and until recently, you never had a way of finding out what was lurking in that airport restroom. Would the men’s room have a changing table too? Would there be a place to park your stroller? One diaper bag company is making travel with baby a little easier, not just with their diaper bags, but with the launch of their Nappy Station Location Application.

Pink Lining bags hail from Great Britian, land of the “nappy”. They are one of the hottest bags in Europe and the UK and will soon be hitting US shores. Part of their launch included the development of the Nappy Station App. Their goal is to give parents the best changing experience possible and to do this, they’ve gone “beyond the bag”!

The Nappy Station App lets you find, enter and rank diaper change locations all over the US. Come spring they will be presenting awards to the best of the best. But the great news is that if you visit the site now through the holidays, for each location you enter, you will be entered to win a spiffy new iPad. Check out the App and my review of the bags, included above.