dried food

Amara dried food packets
Credit: Amara

Deserved or not, dried food has a reputation as being pretty nasty stuff. Think packets of cowboy chow, cooked over a fire by extreme backpackers.

But Amara organic dried baby food could change your thinking. This freeze dried, non-processed food, which comes in single serving packets of fruits and veggies, retains the nutrients in food. Amara, from Patagonia, Chile, uses all organic ingredients that are pesticide and additive free.

The lightweight packets are super convenient for traveling – just add water or breast milk to the desired thickness. You can also use the packets at home, in smoothies.  Blend up with milk, soy or almond milk and you have a nutrition dense drink for you kid (we won’t tell if you share).


Amara comes in limited flavors – foods grown in Chile, like apple, banana or winter squash. If your child has an adventurous palate, you can try the apple and maqui berry; maqui berries are native to Chile and may be the next superfruit. The maqui flavor is similar to blackberries, without the seeds, and it makes a vibrant purple puree.

If you have ever waited for a mango to ripen, only to have it darken and spoil, or wasted bananas that this week your kid disdains, you will also appreciate the storage capabilities of the dried baby food. The freeze dried packets keep for a year, so you can enjoy nutritious fruits and veggies even out of season.