frustrated-toddlerJust because you have a toddler doesn’t mean you have to be limited to Walt Disney World or Seuss Landing in Universal Studios.  In fact, save that fun vacation for when they’re a little older and they can remember it.  Toddlers are born curious.  Give them a little room to explore and they’ll be satisfied wherever you choose to go.

Resorts are now offering childproof kits for guestrooms like at the Westin in Seattle, WA.  Resorts are also offering high chairs, potty-chairs, and jogging strollers as long as you place the order within seven days in advance.  And now they’re even giving tots their very own welcome bag complete with books, age appropriate toys, board games, and snacks.  At the Longboat Key Club & Resort in Longboat Key, FL, your toddler can enjoy their very own tennis lesson.  Although my son would be more interested in the noise the racquet makes when he smacks it on the ground rather than how to hold it.  But at least I can enjoy a tennis lesson the same time he… uhh … is.

Last summer Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa in San Diego offered toddler playgroups where they spent the day “at the Castle” hearing fairy tales and trying on dress-up clothes and it was such a big success they have now spread the playgroups to all of their resorts.  At The Tyler Place Family Resort in Highgate Springs, VT toddlers can look for radishes in the garden and preschoolers get to look for pinecones in the meadow – all while parents spend some time learning how to paint, practicing yoga, or taking a jab at archery.


Book your vacation out of the country if you’re planning one.  Don’t let you toddler stop you.  The different culture, sounds, smells, sights, and tastes will only encourage your toddler to explore and enhance his/her growing little mind.  Although, you can’t expect him/her to sit through something for too long, say for example a play or a movie, but anything that offers “hands on” exhibits will get you big kudos from your tot.  Kid-friendly museums and other attractions will only benefit them and help stimulate their growing little brain.  Their inquisitive minds want to know more about everything they see around them.Jan 2012 2

Don’t expect to climb a mountain, go whitewater rafting, and go out to dinner all in one day.  All that exploring can leave your little mini exhausted.  And don’t pack your day so full that you forget to plan for some downtime during the day.  Let them take a small nap in the stroller or pack a blanket so you can rest on the beach or at a park.  Better yet, head back to the hotel for some R&R while you catch up on a good book or take a nap yourself. 

The infant-toddler ages are when your child will be learning the most.  You can still have a fun and exciting time all while introducing your child to new and exciting experiences.  Taking the time now to enjoy these precious days and creating lasting memories will help make your child’s growing years ones that are filled with precious moments that you will always treasure.  Just don’t blink … because it’ll all be over with before you know it.

Happy Travels!