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How do you help your kids study when on vacation or traveling? My teen is busy (possibly more busy than I am!). Add family travel and quick holiday break vacations to her busy schedule, and how is she supposed to keep up with her regular studies – plus SAT test prep?

What if we had to cancel our family vacation in order for the teen to take a test prep course?!

My household is testing out an online test prep course. The Mobile Friendly TestRocker.com platform is the perfect solution for a busy teen studying for either the SAT or the ACT.

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TestRocker.com Features

  • Heavy on the Video Tutorials (A Must for the YouTube Teen Generation!)
  • $699 for a 6 Month Online Unlimited Course (Less than in person courses and SO much more convenient.)
  • Mobile Friendly *(No need for an app, the course runs just as well straight from your smartphone browser as on a laptop.)
  • Both SAT & ACT Online Courses Available
  • Access to the Test Creator & Tutor
  • Available 24/7
  • Informative Blog with Test Tips and Tricks
  • Works Anywhere Your Smartphone Works!
photo credit: Carissa Rogers

photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

My daughter is using the TestRocker website to study about 20 minutes per day for a test that is in 3 months from now. Do I have to remind her to study? YES. But how easy is it for her to open her smartphone in the airport before we board our Thanksgiving flight? And at Grandma’s house when the grown ups threaten to start a 3rd game of Phase 10… she can happily use the ‘study excuse’ to get out of it!

Please follow along our SAT Prep Journey over on my blog. We’re learning fast what is most important when it comes to Test Prep and what not to stress about!

Additional Resources for Test Prep Help

I found these two articles on test prep helpful to understand how the different tests work and what is most important.

Disclosure: My daughter is testing out the TestRocker.com Test Prep platform (say that 10x fast!) at no cost to us. Our opinions and stresses about studying while on vacation are all our own.