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It’s winter, but instead of hibernating, many of us are planning trips to a ski resort or other wintry location. Yet most drivers will not be prepared for bad weather. According to a CarMax survey, three-quarters of American drivers are unprepared for winter. In the Northeast, which often experiences terrible winters, only 35 percent report that they drive with a winter emergency kit.

Getting Ready for Winter Car Travel

Before heading out on any trip, make sure your vehicle is running properly by having it inspected and serviced. Make sure young drivers know what to do in case of emergency.

Pack a WInter Emergency Kit

Get these supplies together for a car emergency kit. A winter emergency kit should include:

1.    Flashlight
2.    Jumper cables
3.    First-aid kit
4.    Flares or hazard triangles
5.    Warm clothes, gloves and a blanket
6.    Ice scraper
7.    Snow shovel
8.    Kitty litter—for traction on slick roadways
9.    Extra washer fluid
10.   Food and bottled water
11.   Cell phone car charger

This list was offered by CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars.