Airport_sreeningGoing through security at the airport always makes me nervous. I’m not afraid of the screening; I’m afraid of being ripped off. Turns out my fears are founded.

This post
on the site says that 10,000 laptops are stolen each week at security. 10,000!

That post offers important tips on protecting your possessions. (No. 1 is not to set off the metal detector, so you aren’t forced to go through again and again while your possessions sit on conveyor alone and unprotected.)

I have never been ripped off at a checkpoint, but that probably has everything to do with my overall urban paranoia. We city folk learn from an early age to always know who’s around us, to keep an iron grip on our purses and to never flash cash in public. Not allowing my possessions–any of my possessions, suticase, briefcase, purse, laptop or jewelry–out of my sight during a TSA screening is simply an extension of that general paranoia.

I guess it has worked in my favor over the years. Thanks, Mom.