We here at Traveling Mom are Disney World experts. But even an expert can learn something new about Disney World. Today I’m sharing Disney World Ticket Secrets that will save you hundreds on your next trip!

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As Travel Hack Traveling Mom, I’ve done five Disney Parks trips in the last year. It’s safe to say I have earned my Disney World tips and tricks badge. However, reader Kathy clued me in on a Disney World ticket secret that seemed too good to be true. After a chat with Disney, I can share it with you:

When you buy a “Water Park and more” ticket you get not only the number of days you purchase, but an extra equal number of activities that you can use anytime during your trip!.

Let’s go through that again because it adds HUGE value to the Water Park and More Option. If you have a 4 day park hopper ticket, it’s good for 4 days in the parks as long as you use them within 14 days of the first use. With the Water Park and More add-on, which for a 4 day ticket is $26, you get 8 uses out of the same ticket. For six bucks and change each you get to choose four “fun enhancements”  out of this list:

  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water park (tickets are $60/day)
  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water parks (tickets are $60/day)
  • 9 holes of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course ($40/round)
  • 18 Holes of Mini Golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland ($14/round)

So that $26 could get you up to $240 in extra activities and four extra Disney World days!  Mind. Blown.

As good as that is, I found a way to make it even better!  Our friends at Parksavers  have some of the Water Park and More tickets Affiliate dislosurestill left at last year’s pricing.  So on Parksavers a four day Park Hopper is $389.46 but a five day Park Hopper WITH the Water Park and More option is only $385.28!  So you’re paying $4 LESS and getting up to six more days of activities.  Wow. And as a cherry on top of the saving cake use code “TM2” for a Traveling Mom exclusive extra $2 off per ticket.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. “Fun Enhancements” are charged per item, not per day.  So you could golf and waterslide on the same day but you’ll get two activities taken off your quota.
  2. Ditto for visiting a park then going mini golfing: that’s one park day and one activity.
  3. Both the water parks and the mini-golf courses close seasonally (one at a time) for refurbishment so you will want to check to see the maintenance schedule on Disney’s website before buying your ticket.
  4. You still have 14 days from your first entry to a Disney attraction- so water park or golf will count as your first day in the 14 if you visit prior to a park.  Even if you have a 10 day ticket, you still only get 14 days to use your 10 park days and 10 enhancements.
  5. Once you get to four, adding more park days gets much cheaper as well so you may want to do another ride on Space Mountain instead.  Or do both!

Traveling Moms are big fans of taking time for a non-park day once or twice during a Disney World vacation as back to back open to close in the parks will wear you out.  The add on could allow you to visit a water park or do a round of golf for a couple of hours and not feel like you’re wasting money if you decide to head back for a well-deserved nap.

Another way to make this work is as an enticement for a Disney reluctant spouse: offer him the round of golf while you take the kids to the water park. After he’s had a break, be sure to demand some pool time for yourself!

Of course looking at the math, it makes sense to go for the higher ticket items.  However, I’d be remiss not to recommend the mini-golf, even if you pay for it separately.  We visited Fantasia Gardens last year and loved it. As you would expect Imagineered mini-golf is nothing like your local course. Holes had waterfalls, musical interludes, and even a cave. At $14 it felt like a value- at $6 and change it’s a steal.

The Traveling Mom consensus is that you should try to visit as many days as you can schedule on your Walt Disney World visit because- among other reasons- the ticket price goes down so significantly once you get past four.  I used to shrug at the idea of adding on water parks and more because I thought it dug into my precious park admission.  Now that I realize you can do both, it’s a total no-brainer!

Have you purchased the Water Park and more option? Did you get the optimial value out of it?  Please share your experiences and any tips in the comments.


Disney World Ticket Secrets