The princess dresses seemed like a great idea. We would buy ahead and pack them for Disney to save money, then the “princesses” would leave them in the room at night. It was like Santa and sparkles and magic all in one. Then the glitter, oh holy crap, the glitter. Our adorable princesses were walking glitter bombs. The stroller, my shorts, my mom’s shirt, my husband’s shoulders and entire shaved head- we all looked like we had been clubbing.

Glitter, the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

Disney Princess Dresses & Glitter: How to Get it Off of Your Body, Clothes, and Strollers

They may look sweet but those dresses got glitter on EVERYTHING!





^^^ Bet they didn't think I'd write about glitter!

^^^ Bet they didn’t think I’d write about glitter!

Then the question becomes: How the heck do we get rid of it all? I’m sure by now you’ve heard of how helpful Disney cast members are. Well, they also deal with glitter on a daily basis. This makes them bona fide glitter removal experts. What I learned is there are varied removal methods dependent on the location of glitter on your body or on materials.

Removing Glitter from Your Body.

For arms, legs, trunk area and large portions of your body, the best removal tool is a lint roller. Glitter sticks, so fight stick with stick. Before you travel to Disney grab a couple of lint rollers for your suitcase.

For small crevices on hands and feet, rubbing lotion in and then wiping it off will remove the glitter.

For tiny faces, delicately go around the eye area with a warm wet wash cloth. Try to brush glitter on cheeks away from the eye area.

For necks, chins, and outer ear areas, try an oil. Baby oil or olive oil will help you wipe the glitter off.

How to Remove Glitter from Strollers and Other Items

This is where I have to give a giant thank you to the cast members at Coronado Springs. I arrived at the front desk with a glitter covered Magic Stroller rental and was hoping they didn’t mind the extra pixie dust. Did you know that Swiffer dry mop sheets will take glitter off of a stroller? Lint rollers can help, too, but Swiffer sheets give you better access to the nooks and crannies.

Embrace the Glitter

In the end, Disney is all about the magic and the girls could not have been more thrilled with their dresses. Other park attendees joked with my husband about his glittery head and told him he was a great dad.

Would I get the girls’ princess dresses again? Yes, but next time I’ll try to pick ones with a little less shimmer. In closing, shake it in the store. If it snows shiny specks move on to the next rack.

Any glitter removal tips that I’ve missed?