laptop-desktopMost people don’t need notebooks.  You think you want the mobility, but then the laptop sits on your desk ninety percent of the time.  Laptops cost more money than desktops, so you’re not getting as good a machine as your budget allows.  You also have to work off a small screen a tiny keyboard.  Let me offer a solution:

Buy a desktop or all-in-one (iMac or PC equivalent) and then purchase a netbook for travel and light mobility.  This way, you spend the same amount of money but get the best of both worlds.

There are two key factors.  First, getting a desktop that is clean and efficient. Dell, Apple, HP, Asus and all the major manufacturers offer all in ones or small form factor machines.

Next, you match them with a wireless keyboard and mouse and you have a clean computing environment.


It’s that simple.