AirplaneDelta Airlines has announced that it will not allow in-flight cell phone use or internet-based voice communications on Delta and Delta Connection flights. This follows our report last month that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was considering a proposal on expanding use of mobile wireless devices to allow cellular communications above 10,000 feet.

Since then, the FCC has approved its initial proposal and published the details on its web site. Even if the FCC adopts the proposal to expand inflight mobile services, it is up to individual airlines to decide whether to implement it – much like in the case of portable electronic devices

Delta is the first airline to weigh in with a definite decision, whatever the FCC ends up deciding. It said its decision was based on customer research and feedback, including a 2012 survey and feedback from employees, all indicating cell phone calls on flight would be viewed as a disruption, rather than a benefit. Delta said that if the FCC lifts its ban it will allow silent transmission such as text and email from gate-to-gate.